Good news stories amid the noise

We realise good news is hard to come by in these tough times, and it’s easy to feel despondent. While we don’t frequently share media articles, three articles appeared last week that we thought would help place Sanlam or South Africa in a brighter context. We hope these good news stories give you a welcome boost, and set the scene for a positive final quarter, for you, your practice and your clients.

Article #1: Special Report: A tale of two insurers

Moneyweb recently published an article on how Sanlam has managed to differentiate itself positively over the years – particularly in relation to a key competitor. One of SA’s most respected investment commentators, Patrick Cairns, presents a detailed and inspiring view of some of the factors and decisions that paved our way forward, contributed to our success and helped Sanlam gain a reputation of strength and consistency. Read the article.

Article #2: Surprise improvement in business mood before mini budget

The South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry has shared some encouraging insights from its sentiment Index. The Index indicates an increase in business confidence ahead of the upcoming mini budget later this month. The increased sentiment could offer a window of opportunity to further stabilise the economic situation and create sustainable growth. Read the article. 

Article #3: South Africa now more competitive than India – WEF rankings​

The World Economic Forum has released its annual Global Competitiveness Report, and South Africa has boosted its position by seven places since last year. Interestingly, the local financial sector as a whole was rated 19th most competitive out of 141 countries. Read the article.