Social Code Enquiry for Sanlam Tax-free Investments

The SPF Shared Services Client Care Centre (CCC) supports a range of effective and easy-access self-help transactions. The next transaction in this series of discussions is the Social Code Enquiry, available on SanPort. Here’s what you need to know.

Sanlam Tax-free Investments offer a transparent and affordable investment to the client, as well as some flexibility they may need to manage investments. To increase savings levels, Sanlam Tax-free Investments provide the option to reduce administration charges by encouraging other investors to join the social group. All clients within a social group will qualify for this significantly reduced charge.

You can use the Social Code Enquiry transaction to enter a social group code and get the number of issued plans linked to this social group, as well as the total fund value of the plans in the group.

Click here to download a PDF to guide you through the process.

Note: You can generate a social code with the Request Social Code transaction on SanPort.

With self-help options like this on SanPort, Sanlam strives to make your business more efficient and effective. Look out for the next edition of Inside Sanlam Distribution to find out more about other value-added transactions.