Simplifying a changing retirement landscape

The retirement landscape continues to change but Glacier by Sanlam’s Retirement Income Planner supports intermediaries in helping clients select the most suitable and sustainable retirement income solutions.

The default regulations introduced earlier this year represent significant change, which stems from National Treasury’s aim to ensure people have a sustainable income throughout retirement.

In addition to not saving enough, or preserving accumulated retirement savings when changing jobs, investors now have the additional challenge of living longer and having to plan for a much longer retirement than previous generations. Consequently there’s an increasing need for certainty or guarantees when it comes to retirement income.

Objective professional advice more important than ever

Investors have a number of needs when it comes to their retirement savings – to ensure a sustainable income, and in most instances also to grow their capital so their income can keep up with increasing expenses. Many people also prioritise leaving a legacy for their dependants.

However, there’s no single product that meets all these needs. In many instances, using a combination of different retirement income products will provide the most suitable solution for the client.

With this in mind, Glacier developed the Retirement Income Planner, an income-illustration and comparison tool specifically designed for the post-retirement market. It assists financial intermediaries in helping clients select the most suitable and sustainable retirement income solutions – or combinations of these.


Here are just a few of the features of Glacier’s new Retirement Income Planner web-based tool. Financial intermediaries can:

Financial intermediaries can access the Retirement Income Planner via the Glacier Investment Hub.

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