Sanlam Savings: Our flagship funds – the next phase

Sanlam Savings’ new flagship investment funds for retirement savings, launched in April, have been well received by intermediaries as well as clients, with more than R150 million already invested! The funds offer excellent value for money and let clients access unique investment strategies that create opportunities to enhance returns.

Advantages of our flagship funds

Our flagship funds tick all the right boxes:

  • Low cost
  • Diverse
  • Unique.

Sanlam Savings is confident that investments in these funds will add value to the outcome of your clients’ long-term retirement savings plans.

Next phase of implementation

The investment objectives and risk categories of some of Sanlam Savings’ flagship funds overlap substantially with those of some of the Sanlam Investments (SI) unit trust funds we currently offer as investment options for retirement savings products on our administration platform.

As part of the next phase of the implementation of our flagship funds, Sanlam Savings has decided to close these SI unit trust funds to new business.

Our flagship funds are available at lower costs and clients can benefit from, among other things, more diversification since these funds can invest in more asset classes, for example, direct property, structured equity and other alternative asset classes.

The table below lists the flagship funds as alternative investment options for the SI unit trust funds that’ll no longer be available for retirement savings products from end-August.

See the list below for more information on the flagship funds:

You can also visit Sanlam’s website at where you’ll find the relevant fund fact sheets.

Affected transactions

These SI unit trust funds will not be available for the following transactions:

  • New business retirement savings plans (ad hoc increases and one-off additions excluded)
  • Cumulus Echo conversions and Stratus continuations. For example, if the existing plan, or part of it, invests in any of these SI unit trust funds, your client will have to switch the relevant part of the fund value and redirect the relevant future contributions to other investment funds, including the corresponding flagship funds, available at the time
  • Switches and redirections to any of these SI unit trust funds.

This applies to both retirement annuities and preservation funds.