Sanlam Reality investment fee rebates discontinued from 1 November

The Sanlam Reality lifestyle programme will no longer offer members a rebate on asset management fees for certain investments. This applies to members who have funds invested in the Sanlam Investments flagship funds through the Glacier platform or Sanlam Collective Investments.

Sanlam Reality has monitored the success of this special offer over the past couple of years and after careful consideration and in consultation with Glacier and Sanlam Investments, has decided to discontinue the special offer. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Affected Sanlam Reality members received this targeted communication on 1 August to notify them that this special offer has been discontinued.

For enquiries related to asset management fees, contact SCI on 0860 100 266 or by email at or, where relevant, email Glacier at

The Sanlam Reality lifestyle programme will continue to offer great rewards to its members in the wealth, travel, entertainment and health space. For more information, visit