Requesting Sanlam forms on SanPort

In this article we introduce you to a database of forms that can be used to request a wide variety of actions across various business areas in Sanlam.

The SPF Shared Services Client Care Centre (CCC) is just one of the business units in Sanlam that store an array of forms on this database for your convenience.

Benefits of the database:

  • Forms on the database are updated regularly, which means you’re able to use the latest version of any document
  • Forms are available to you directly without you having to contact a Sanlam office to get the document
  • Documents are available 24/7.

The search function is similar to the one used in Google and can be performed with a combination of search options.

You can search for:

  • Any combination of form codes and descriptions simultaneously. You may search using partial words that contain as few as two characters, or
  • Only categories and subcategories, or
  • Any combination of form codes, descriptions, categories and subcategories.

Click here for PDF instructions on how to access and complete the search options on the Sanlam Forms page.