Request a Performance Summary on SanPort

The SPF Shared Services Client Care Centre (CCC) supports a range of effective and easy-to-access self-help transactions, such as the Performance Summary.

The Performance Summary

This transaction provides a view of the client’s investment plan performance per plan. The result will show:

  • The rate of return on the client’s plan over a defined period after charges and taxes (if applicable)
  • Comparison of the current investment value to how the client would have done had they invested in alternate asset classes
  • The asset classes to which the client is exposed.

Note that the Performance Summary is only available for Stratus plans older than a year.

Click here to download a PDF document that guides you through the process.

With self-help options like this on SanPort, Sanlam strives to make your business more efficient. Look out for the next edition of Inside Sanlam Distribution to find out more about other available value-added transactions.