More than an investment: An estate planning tool

Bonus time? Do your clients need investment choices? Your clients can invest in the financial markets to grow their assets – while taking care of the ones they love.

Nominating beneficiaries on the Cumulus Investment endowment policy will ensure loved ones receive the proceeds in the event of the investor’s death. The investor’s estate will save on executor’s fees and dependants will have speedy access to an investment that could assist in maintenance for minor dependants or provide a legacy.

Where no beneficiaries are specified, the proceeds of the investment go to the estate at death, creating liquidity to help cover any debts. This avoids the sale of assets like the family home to pay creditors and ensures the speedy winding up of the estate so the dependants aren’t subjected to extended hardship.

Why the Sanlam Cumulus Investment?

Sanlam adds an additional 5% to the investment amount upfront, giving the investment a head start. With the invaluable power of compounded growth, imagine the difference this could make if someone remains invested long after the initial five-year restricted period has ended.