Money MeetUps – a young professional couple get advice on starting out early

Sanlam recently launched Episode 5 of its Money MeetUps series. This time, the campaign focuses on saving for big goals and why the first financial steps are the most important.

In this episode of Money MeetUps, Sanlam financial planner Mashiane Xaba takes a break from the office to meet Sebastian and Janique, a young professional couple, and help them come up with a solid game plan.

Mashiane shows them that by forming good financial habits and starting to save early, they’ll get used to living without that portion of their income and the saving won’t feel like such a sacrifice.

Visit to watch Episode 5.

As financial planners, we know the best time to start saving is from your first pay cheque. And the second-best time is right now. So take this opportunity to reach out to your clients and ensure they have the right savings plan in place to reach their goals.

Let’s continue to build a world of Wealthsmiths, together.

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