Leap-year special – when 0% gives you more

A new Sanlam Savings offer waives administration fees on a Flexi RA product for Section 14 transfers of any professional clients into the product if they invest 100% in one or more of our flagship funds.

Your client may have heard about an offer by PPS to waive administration fees for PPS members with Sanlam PPS RAs who do intra-fund transfers to PPS and invest in certain qualifying PPS investment funds.

Here are some of the reasons we believe the Sanlam Savings offer is a great option:

  • Broader opportunity. The Sanlam Savings special applies to any professionals who do a Section 14 transfer to the Flexi RA – it isn’t limited to a specific member base
  • Great value. The Sanlam flagship funds’ investment management fees range from 0,3%–1,15% per annum compared to 1,22%–1,63% on the qualifying PPS unit trusts
  • More choice. Sanlam’s flagship range consists of 10 funds that cover the full risk spectrum, while PPS offers the special on six underlying funds. Clients have the option to invest in our In-house Core, Diversified or Passive ranges.

This offer is valid until 13 April 2020. Both the intra-fund transfers to the PPS platform and the Section 14s to the Sanlam Flexi RA will be subject to any termination charges applicable.