One day to go: Call for Wealth nominations

Kindly note that there is only one day left to register for the Wealth Management Cycle 1 course. Nominations must be in by 17:00 tomorrow afternoon, 29 November 2019.

Candidate self-nomination process

  • In agreement with our clients, the ‘self-enrolment’ nomination process must be followed
  • This requires each candidate to use the link below and enrol themselves onto the course
  • It’s the candidate’s responsibility to ensure enrolment is completed before the nomination closing date above.

Criteria for enrolment

  • Enrolments must include all necessary documents, which must be uploaded onto the learning portal:
    • Clear certified ID (colour copy) not older than three months (a passport or driver’s licence is not acceptable)
    • Certified Senior Certificate
    • Other certified qualifications, if applicable
    • Marriage certificate, if applicable
    • Curriculum vitae.

Note that incomplete nominations will not be accepted and enrolment onto the course will be disqualified.

2020 dates

Please note: These dates are subject to change for operational reasons. We ask you to send nominations on time. If candidates are scheduled for the summative assessment, which will take place after the nomination deadline date, kindly nominate the candidate for the follow-up module pending results.

Wealth Management training requirements and process

  • Enrol for the Wealth Management Workshop using the nomination link provided below.
  • Receive email communication, which includes the Learner Invitation and access to the online course.
  • Complete all pre-course activities online prior to the workshop.
  • Attend the workshop.
  • Complete formative group presentations during the course of the workshop.
  • Complete a four-hour open-book formative test on the last day of the workshop.
  • Submit completed assignment online.
  • A condition of being allowed to write the summative assessment is that you’re found competent for the:
    • Formative group presentation
    • Formative test
    • Formative assignment.
  • Complete a three-hour closed-book summative assessment three months after the workshop.

 Nomination link

For further enquiries, contact Please allow 48 hours for a written response. Where applicable, kindly inform the respective management as well.