Helping your client secure a legacy

Previously in Distribution News, clients shared the legacies they’d like to leave one day as part of Sanlam Trust’s Legacy campaign. This time the focus is on the ‘how’ – how clients can secure their legacy and how Sanlam can help them. Here’s what Moremadi Mabule, Head: Wills Operations, had to say.

To recap, here’s some of the feedback from clients about the legacies they’d like to leave:

  • ‘As a rural young man, I’d love to build a skills-development school around the cluster of farms close to home to break the circle of poverty among the majority there – to make it easy for them to live better by having access to sanitation, an information centre, access to medical attention and better roads for better public transport, because they stay far from everything. So much talent goes unrecognised because of their living conditions. Everyone is free, but not them.’
  • ‘We know that education is the best thing to give your children. I grew up in a family that also encourages making use of and cherishing our talents. My great-grandmother was a seamstress and passed on the skill to my grandmother. My grandmother then passed on the skill to her daughter-in-law (my mom) and myself, and now Granny is teaching my daughter. This is a family thing, a legacy that will live on for generations.’
  • ‘I am a 31-year-old lady. I don’t have any dependants but my family is all I have. I’d like to leave my mother with financial freedom to buy everything her heart desires. To pay off the hospitality course for my brother to achieve his dreams. And help my niece finish school and further her studies at a university of her choice. I’d be very grateful to know that I’ve helped my family members to achieve their current and future endeavours.’

How is your client planning to secure their legacy? Using this supporting document, you can help them determine whether they’re an Andiswa, a Barbs or a Cathy when it comes to estate planning.