Determine the turnaround time on CCC requests

Ever wondered why the turnaround time from the SPF Shared Services Client Care Centre (CCC) varies from week to week? Here’s where you can find the information to help manage client expectations.

Every request the SPF Shared Services Client Care Centre (CCC) receives is linked to a specific event, and every event is carefully managed according to specific timelines for finalisation. 

What is the difference between SLA and CTT?

Service level agreement 

The SLA for any request/event in the CCC is the number of working days that has been determined as a fair timeline to complete the particular request. The number of working days per event is based on the work involved to finalise such an event, also taking into account the volumes received as well as the capacity model of the CCC.

Each SLA has been agreed to and signed off between the CCC and the distribution partners. The SLAs will always remain the same as they are the contracted timelines to finalise specific events.

Current turnaround time (CTT)

The CTT is a weekly calculation of working days indicating the weekly status in the CCC in terms of the particular event. This timeline is updated weekly on a Monday morning. The CTT thus provides a more recent indication of the relation between the number of requests in our workflow system for a particular event and the CCC’s available capacity at the given point in time to work on this particular event.

Therefore, an unexpected increase in the volume of requests for any specific event, or a shortfall of agents to work on this specific event, might have a negative impact and cause the CTT timeline to increase.

Where can I find the SLA and CTT?

As mentioned before, this information is updated every Monday morning. The CCC publishes the updated information weekly on SanPort. From the SanPort homepage, navigate to Info Centre > Sanlam info and click on the option Client Care Centre.

View on SanPort

This option provides a general summary of the services offered by the CCC and other stakeholders. More importantly, we share the locations of our Client Care Offices via two links, as well as the SLAs.


These two PDF documents contain the SLA and CTT information for fund enquiries, as well as events for the rest of the business separately. Access the relevant PDF document by double-clicking on it. The information can be interpreted as follows:

What do I tell my client?

  • You’ll notice that when the CTT exceeds the SLA, the document also indicates the number of days the CCC is over the contracted timeline in the status column.
  • Always communicate the larger of the two figures to the client. For example, if the SLA is five working days and the CTT is one working day, communicate five days to the client.
  • If the SLA is five working days and the CTT is nine working days, communicate nine days to the client.