Changing public perception of financial planning

Earlier this year, we kicked off an exciting project called Sanlam Money MeetUps, which aims to put a new spin on how people perceive financial planners.

Sanlam Money MeetUps aims to show South Africans that financial planning is more about having conversations and building long-term relationships than sharing their personal finances with strangers or just being sold a product.

As part of this campaign, we filmed several real-life scenarios to illustrate to clients just how financial planners  can add value – showing another side to financial planners , available for you to view here. More importantly, the campaign also aims to match clients with financial planners.

Remember to register on our online platform, so potential clients can connect with you

We’ve created an online platform that gives clients a better sense of who you are – both professionally and personally. It demystifies the formality of finance so they can connect with you based on shared personal interests.

These meet-ups are an opportunity to form genuine connections with new clients, not to deliver a sales pitch.

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