Business made easy with the Easy Invest app

You can now manage client investments efficiently, securely and paperlessly with the Easy Invest app.

The new app from Sanlam Investments allows intermediaries to complete instructions such as new applications, repurchases and additional investments online, and receive real-time data validations and rejection notifications.

What is the Sanlam Easy Invest app?

It’s all about making your life easier. This automated administrative tool simplifies the way you work. Sanlam has made it easier to capture, submit and manage instructions in real time, any time, on behalf of your clients.

Even your day-to-day processes are simplified because you’re able to receive real-time validations and alerts. Easy and efficient rejection management means a speedy turnaround and less time processing information.

You can get the app on your desktop or mobile device using your SanPort credentials. Easy, isn’t it?

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The Sanlam Easy Invest app gives you:

  • Effortless efficiency – Sanlam is committed to business efficiency. With the Easy Invest app, we’re decluttering your workflow by removing paper processes, digitising validations and creating real-time alerts for rejections.
  • Paperless instructions – update investor details or submit an instruction for a new investment, additional investment or disinvestment with ease.
  • Real-time verifications – receive real-time validations, digital alerts and resolve rejections instantly.
  • Lower minimums in Core Fund range – with lower minimums on debit orders and lump-sum contributions, more clients now have access to unit trusts.

Sign up with your SanPort credentials and download the app now.

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