Amend your client’s details on SanPort

Did you know you can amend your clients’ contact and banking details via a self-help transaction on SanPort without having to contact the SILSS Client Care Centre (CCC)?

This is an effective, time-saving self-help transaction. It allows you to update your client’s record without having to wait for office hours or to talk to somebody in person.

This is just one way in which SanPort can assist in improving the effectiveness of certain transactions.

The definition of the transaction is also indicated as a note next to the web page.

Please note: the client’s personal details will be used only to verify the client and not to change his or her personal details.

When you ‘Submit’ at the end of your inputs, an email will be sent to the SILSS CCC to process these changes. This email will contain all the information you supplied on the web page. To safeguard both the intermediary and client, the client will be contacted to confirm the change of details.

Click here for PDF instructions on how to access and complete the ‘Amend Client Details’ page.