A whole new world

Sanlam’s new TVC and campaign brings together innovations and human moments, aiming to remind its audience to ‘see the good’ in the world. The advert combines footage of political speeches, talk shows, Ted Talks and news clips to voice the track ‘Whole New World’.

‘Negative sentiment is contagious,’ says creative director Jared Osmond from the King James Group, the agency that created the ad. ‘The problem is that often there’s no evidential basis for such extreme views of the world. We wanted to step back and see if there were examples of ideas, individuals and opportunities that told a different story — one that bristles with possibility.

‘The idea was ambitious from the outset, so we were in unchartered territory for 99% of the process. The final edit is 65 seconds long and has 64 shots. That’s a lot for any commercial. But when you consider that our shots had to be stock or found footage to live up to the idea, this became an insane task,’ Jared adds.

‘Each individual we identified had to represent the avant-garde or cutting edge of their field, which made getting rights and access to their clips very complicated,’ he says.

Jared says the campaign encapsulates the fact that Sanlam’s investments offering ‘currently is — and will only become more — innovative’. This comes down to thinking applied to portfolio structuring and the Alphas they’re constantly investigating and evaluating. But when you step out from behind their product curtain for a moment, you also realise that their attitude to the world is an innovation in itself,’ he says.

Nersan Naidoo, Chief Executive: Sanlam Investments, states, ‘We know there’s a lot we need to fix, but we also need to recognise all the wondrous, miraculous things happening in this world right now. It’s captured in that baby’s face when she hears her mother’s voice for the first time.

‘As leaders in investments, we wanted to show investors that there’s never been a better time to invest. We’re living in a time of unprecedented opportunity, where there’s a chance to invest in things that potentially have a ground-breaking impact on how we live, heal, give back and connect. It’s a whole new world indeed,’ Nersan concludes.