A new CPD cycle has begun – start accumulating your CPD points!

Make the most of the new CPD cycle by engaging in CPD activities early – and regularly – to update your knowledge, skills and abilities so you can remain relevant and maintain competence.

Please note that even though a two-month extension was offered to those who did not meet their CPD requirements by the end of the previous cycle ending on 31 May 2019, the current cycle commenced as planned on 1 June and runs until 31 May 2020.

To support you in ensuring that you focus on earning CPD points more regularly, the Distribution Academy has partnered with various stakeholders to make various online CPD programmes available.

In addition, the newly upgraded CPD Manager will make it easier for intermediaries to log their CPD activities, helping to ensure that CPD records are maintained correctly. Version 2 of the CPD Manager features revised functionality for greater ease of use and navigation.

What’s new?

  • The CPD Manager boasts a new, clear user interface for easy navigation through the system.
  • CPD events are listed in alphabetical order so you can easily find them.

  • A new search function enables you to search for a CPD activity by typing in a word from the CPD event name.

As we enter the new CPD cycle, intermediaries are urged to use every available opportunity to obtain their CPD hours rather than waiting for the end of the cycle.

The Distribution Academy will continue to support intermediaries with online CPD programmes, through CPD-accredited publications and by hosting our authoritative quarterly Masterclass events to ensure CPD requirements are met.

Representative and KIs who must still upload their CPD hours for the 2018/19 cycle may forward their CPD certificate to the Academy at Lindokuhle.Kunju@sanlam.co.za or Phina.nukeri@sanlam.co.za. The Academy will upload your CPD hours on your behalf.

You can now access your CPD profile by clicking on this link.